Levitra (Generic Levitra)

Levitra or Generic Levitra is an ED pill similar to VIagra or Cialis and sometimes a little bit undervalued... which is not right as this is a quality erection pill from Germany (Bayer) and millions of men swear by Levitra. So now you can also order Levitra Online from an online pharmacy from the USA at XLpharmacy / Pharmacy XL.


Levitra's active ingredient is Vardenafil.

There are several version of Generic Levitra / Levitra available and we make a quick overview here:

- Levitra Soft Pills

- Generic Levitra

- Levitra Jelly

- Vardenafil

- Levitra (brand)

- Levitra Dapoxetine - an unique ED pill with both Levitra ( Erectile Dysfunction treatment and Dapoxetine ( Premature Ejaculation treatment )


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